How flatulence occurs?

When we consume food by drinking or eating along with our saliva, we also swallow little amounts of air which then gets accumulated in our gut. Also, there are gases in our digestive system such as nitrogen and oxygen. Even we digest food, gases such as hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide too are released.

Interestingly, sulfur gases and mercaptans in the mixture of gases that we pass out of the body will add bad smell to farts.

Flatulence can be painful

Everyone in the world has faced problem of flatulence many times - just that some know it by different jargons such as farting, passing wind and excessive gas problem. Let me just correct one thing - flatulence is not just passing gas, it is more complex issue than merely passing gas from the mouth or rear end. Having a flatulence problem is painful and embarrassing at the same time.

Colon cleansing kit

There are arguments saying yes or no about whether colon cleansing is a necessity. Also, everyone with mild flatulence problem need colonic to get better. There is lot need to be researched to have more clear picture on the question above. However, before getting much into that argument, you need to know what colon cleansing therapy is all about.

Colon cleansing(enema) kit

Human body cannot just adjust to every food we throw into our mouth. Because of such a rapid life style where we do not have enough time to cook health and eat healthy, number of people getting digestive disorder is increasing everyday. Ask yourself, how much time you have to prepare and eat healthy diet. If you are not very confident to answer, it is the right time you devote to cleanup your colons.