Whether you have chronic constipation problem or mild one, home remedies work great for you. You are best treated when tries with natural solution such as fruit diet and vegetable juices. Some juice recipes work great to heal your constipation problems and you can make them a daily habit if you have chronic constipation problem.

Apple juice

Apple is well known recipe for treating constipation problem.

If you have a juicer you can make fresh apple juice and drink 3-4 glasses a day. You can also drink store-bought apple juice but try to get fresh squeezed and not the type that has been flash pasteurized or pasteurized. If you can find fresh apple juice then use flash pasteurized.

Apple and Pear Juice for constipation

Apple is great when treating constipation. Apple with a combination of other juices can work wonder. Pears have minerals, vitamins, and chemicals that help to clean out your colon, kidney and to regenerate your blood cells.

Prepare equal amounts of fresh apple and pear juice. Drink this combination when you first wake up and one hour before bedtime.

Juice the pears that are slightly hard. If the pear is ripe, it is best to blend it whole with apple juice to create a thick drink. Using the whole pear will give you additional fiber. Just remove the seeds but do not peel the organic type.

Apple and Prune juice for constipation

Prune - Good for constipation
Prune - Good for constipation

Along with drinking apple juice, you can accelerate your peristaltic action with prune juice.
Although prune juice contains less fiber than prunes, many breakfast tables in the country regularly filled with prune juice for its health benefits.

Apple Juice, Figs and Raisins

Here’s another constipation home remedy using apple juice with other fruit. Eat it the first thing in the morning before breakfast.

In a blender, put in a cup of fresh apple juice. Add equal amounts of dry or fresh figs and raisins and a small organic apple. Choose how many figs and raisins to use. You will need to experiment a little. Get a consistency that is not too thick. Add a little more apple juice if needed.

Eat this home remedy for a few days until you start to get some relief from your constipation.

Prune Juice

Prune juice has high fibre content and is therefore beneficial for preventing or treating constipation. Fiber can add bulk to your stool and soften it, making it easier to pass.

Each 8-ounce glass has 2.6 grams of fiber, or 10 percent of the daily value.  A study published in the "Korean Journal of Community Nutrition" in June 2008 found that drinking prune juice and eating prunes helped increase fiber intake and the number of bowel movements while decreasing abdominal pain and defecation time and making the stool softer.

Water (yes - pure water will help)

Dehydration is a major cause of constipation, with a dehydrated body soaking up all the moisture from the waste that is left behind in your intestine. This results in dry stools that are hard, tough to move and difficult to pass-- in one word—constipation.

While we all know about the eight glasses of water adage, you will in fact need to consume more water if you want to get rid of constipation for good. The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine recommends a consumption of at least 16 glasses (125 ounces) for men and 11 glasses (91 ounces) for women per day.

If you cannot drink a lot of water, make sure that you drink clear vegetable soups and unsweetened fruit and vegetable juices to make up.