Healthy foods for constipation

You may already know that fiber rich food diet is essential to treat constipation problem. In general, fiber content is found in plants and dietary fiber is most commonly found in vegetables, fruits, and grains. Dietary fiber you eat will add bulk to your food and will make you feel full. As human body is not capable of  digesting fiber and therefore it passes through intestines with ease. Thus will help relieving constipation.

Dried prunes - Source of Potassium

Eating potassium rich food is not a cause of constipation. However, too much of calcium - mostly from diary products - can cause constipation. Increasing your consumption of potassium can help to offset the constipating effects of calcium. Potassium are found in fruits and vegetables and prunes are one of those which contain good amount of potassium.

Sunflower - Cure for All

It is very common to use fruits and vegitables to treat constipation problem. Fruits like apple, prune, pear are very effective to relieve the problem. However, you will be surprised to know constipation cure from sesame seed and sunflower seed. A research on this solution proved to be successful.

Prune - Good for constipation

Whether you have chronic constipation problem or mild one, home remedies work great for you. You are best treated when tries with natural solution such as fruit diet and vegetable juices. Some juice recipes work great to heal your constipation problems and you can make them a daily habit if you have chronic constipation problem.

Eat Apple to Treat Constipation

Fruits are known to have soothing effect in treating constipation problem. Fruits are directly from nature and therefore are considered as perfect foods. Fruits contain the right balance of nutrients with distilled water. You gain enormous benefits from eating fruits especially if you eat the outer skin and eat them without cooking.