Did you ever felt that Angular Cheilitis is harmless disease? Ideally your answer should be no. Even otherwise, you are not alone in thinking that AC(Angular Cheilitis) is not a serious problem.

Facts about AC say that it is a relatively common condition, accounting for between 0.7 – 3.8% of oral mucosal lesions in adults and between 0.2 – 15.1% in children, though overall it occurs most commonly in adults in the third to sixth decades of life. Angular cheilitis is the most common presentation of fungal and bacterial infections of the lips.

So it is obvious that you may need to re-think on that. It is true that Angular Cheilitis is a skin condition which seem banal and almost harmless, but this disease can seriously damage the human body. Many people who have not given it the right importance have seen how badly such a skin condition can affect their lives. Read on to find out the reasons from which you should address this condition from the apparition of the first signs.

How Angular Cheilitis can harm you seriously

Angular Cheilitis is the skin condition which involves the apparition of lesions in the corners of the mouth, lesions which with time grow bigger and deeper. Gradually, the cracks become sores filled with puss and the person affected by this skin condition is no longer able to fully open the mouth as each time they do the skin cracks even more and the patient is in great pain. What this means is that the person suffering from this condition is no longer able to have a proper nutrition, as each time they open their mouth the pain starts and the skin cracks. Without an appropriate nutrition, the immune system loses its strength and ability to effectively fight this disease as well as any other internal or external aggressions. Thus, the body gets weaker and weaker as time goes by and it is more prone to diseases and illnesses which otherwise might have fought with ease.

Ensure you take proper treatment for AC
Ensure you take proper treatment for AC

The intake of water is also affected. Even though the person affected by this condition drinks water, the quantity is far smaller than the usual amount, thus the skin no longer receives the moisture it needs and further cracking is favored, thus aggravating the condition. Also, the entire body may get dehydrated and suffer from lack of water. All these happen because of those apparently harmless cracks from your mouth.

It is not very common, but in some cases patient will get semi-permanent scars in the corners of your mouth from angular cheilitis. Generally the scars are not visible unless your mouth is open and look like darker patches of skin in the corners of your mouth. Generally human mouth heals very quickly, getting scars is not common unless you are suffering from severe angular cheilitis.


If you want to keep your body in perfect condition and avoid such terrible things to happen, make sure that you treat Angular Cheilitis from the first signs. It will not only exempt you of all the pain associated with this disease, but it will also help you keep your body in good shape and prevent any other kind of aggression on it.