Over the counter treatments for Angular Cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is often mistaken for some other disease, especialy herpetic cold sores. It is best to visit a dermatologist to have confirmation of what condition you are suffering from. If herpes is ruled out, then you may angular cheilitis. Again, angular cheilitis can be caused either by fungal or by bacterial infection.

Home Remedies for Angular Cheilitis

There are tons of medications and remedies for Angular Cheilitis, as a quick internet search will reveal. Some of these contain books with home remedies, oral medication, and even some come with diet tips.

We have researched many suggestions that contain the tips to treat Angular Cheilitis by considering dozens of reviews for each of them in order to give you the best advice on choosing the best treatment option for Angular Cheilitis.

Candidia - organism that causes angular cheilitis

Many wonder whether angular cheilitis can spread from one person or organism to another by direct or indirect contact. While the answer is NO, it is also important to understand the disease better to know the reasoning behind the answer. This article explains some of the important facts about angular cheilitis to confirm the answer.

Angular cheilitis - Crack in mouth corner

Angular Cheilitis is not caused by a single factor. Often, there is no clear diagnosis explaining single reason for the symptom. Reason being Angular Cheilitis is a result of many causes resulting in the disease, one of the most painful dermatologic conditions. This article tries to find various causes of AC and how they can be avoided.

Effective Treatment for Angular Cheilitis

Whether you have a mild or severe symptoms of angular cheilitis, disease needs effetive treatment to mitigate the condition. It is not enough just to treat the symptom which may give you temporary relief, but you also need to treat the underlying cause. Therefore, by treating the root cause of the disease you can avoid the re-occurance of AC.

Avoid Lip Locking and Lip Licking for AC

This looks obvious for those who know the cause of Angular Cheilitis. But many does not understand that licking your lips or lip locking with your partner is not going to help you get the disease treated. Instead, it will make the condition much worse. Further in the article we have explained reason behind Angular Cheilitis and why one should keep the lips dry to get treated.

Your lips may have risk of getting Angular Cheilitis

Number of people getting affected by Angular Cheilitis is alarmingly high. Estimation shows that AC is accounting for between 0.7 – 3.8% of oral mucosal lesions in adults and between 0.2 – 15.1% in children. In general, AC occurs most commonly in adults in the third to sixth decades of life. Angular Cheilitis is a worldwide phenomenon affecting both males and females.

Avoid Moisture to Control Angular Cheilitis

It is true that Angular Cheilitis is a multifactorial disorder of infectious origin. Undoubtedly, AC is one of the worst conditions which can affect your skin as it provokes deep cracks in the skin, provoking sores which may eventually start bleeding. There are cases in which the patient finds it hard to perform its normal activities like eating or speaking.

Angular Cheilitis - Crack in the Corner of Mouth

In simple terms, Angular Cheilitis refers to inflammation of the corners of the mouth. AC often represents an opportunistic infection of fungi and/or bacteria, with multiple local and systemic predisposing factors being involved in the initiation and persistence of the lesion.

Angular Cheilitis Signals Lack of Vitamins

Among other things, angular cheilitis gives an alarming signal that our body lacks some nutrients and vitamins. This disease may be result of multiple reasons, but common root cause is lack of strong immune system. Instead of ignoring the disease as a banal and harmless symptom, one should seek expert help. Article further discusses why and how Angular Cheilitis is an alarming condition.

angular cheilitis - NOT harmless disease

Did you ever felt that Angular Cheilitis is harmless disease? Ideally your answer should be no. Even otherwise, you are not alone in thinking that AC(Angular Cheilitis) is not a serious problem.

Facts about AC say that it is a relatively common condition, accounting for between 0.7 – 3.8% of oral mucosal lesions in adults and between 0.2 – 15.1% in children, though overall it occurs most commonly in adults in the third to sixth decades of life. Angular cheilitis is the most common presentation of fungal and bacterial infections of the lips.